How does domain leasing work?

Lease a domain name.
Visitors type in the domain.
Visitors are directed to your site.

Do you have coupon codes?

Coupon codes are no longer available as
of Oct. 09,2010
Why you should lease a domain?

Instant Credibility with search engines and customers.
The domain names are easy to remember and easy to type.
The domains have proven type in traffic.
Defined monthly costs.
Limited start up expense.
Low monthly fee.
Built in search engine optimization.
How do I lease a domain?

Visit the Domain Portfolio section see the list of available domains.
Choose the domain you want to lease.
Fill out our short and secure private Lease A Domain form and a representative will contact.
Most domains are priced at $39.95 per month with free setup.
We will point the Domain to name servers of your choosing or you may utilize our name servers for an additional $12.95 per month.